List of free directories

A lot of directories are available in Internet,but it may take a long time to find out the suitable ones.

Many of these web directories are useless. Meaning you’ll need to sort through listings for directories that have moved, no longer exist, or were neglected by their owners. This is why we decided to compile a list of functional, up-to-date and most important free directories.
he directory list below contains 1300 high PR PHPLD directories sorted by page rank from highest to lowest. PHP Link Directory (PHPLD) is the most popular web directory script on the Internet, which is used by nearly 50,000 websites worldwide. If you already own Deep Linker Pro import the list and hit “Start Submission” to boost your SEO campaign with 1300 high PR backlinks. Otherwise, either consider buying or just submit your website manually.

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Start your freelancing with microworkers

Many of us think that making money  from online is an easy task.But it is not true in our practical freelancing.It is not so easy to win the job from freelancing sites by bidding.Now I want to discuss with you a freelancing site Microworkers where you will get your job without bidding.If you are sincere,you may be able to earn $3 to $7 per day.You have to perform these  types of jobs-

   # Forum Posting                  
   # Sign up
   # Social bookmarking
  # Blog commenting etc.

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Seo Tips for improving website

              10 valuable Tips for Seo

1) First thing to do is pick your Keywords, we recommend using for this.
2) Second you need to make your meta tags these are very important as all search engines use them for information on best practice for creating meta tags please visit
you may also want to visit for tools.
3) Once you have this done you will need to start thinking about helping your ranking in search engines, there are many ways this can be done and bellow we will list several effect ways to help your site reach its best performance in search engines.
Next you need to submit your site to search engines once a month but not more.
4) You can use Submit to do this for free.
5) Now it will be good to make a facebook page for your site and also submit this once a month as well, it will be important to update this every month as well with news and new things.
Along with facebook you will need to create a blogpage for your site and also submit this once a month.
6) Next a very good way to gain extra traffic for your site is to create a Google MY Places Page.
7) Other sites that we recommend to use to promote your site include: digg : quantcast : aboutus : squidoo
8) It is important to create anchor text on all blog pages and posting you create.
9) The most important thing’s to make sure is that your web site is complete,  you have a different key words and meta tags for each page that are specific to the page,  your pages have plenty of natural information that people will find useful and is related to the actual page.
10) Continue to update all blogs at least once a month with new information and resubmit them to search engines.
 Thanks for join with me.

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How to publish auto blog posts to facebook page

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How to remove default Navigationbar from Blogger

       Remove your default navigationbar from blogger

In the default template you will see above a navbar. Many people don't like it. You see none good template do not use this navbar. I do not know why it?. Its very easy to Remove this Navbar from your Blogger Blog. In this tutorial i show you how you remove the navbar from your blog? Just follow below step.

01) First login your blogger blog and go to dashboard.
02) Then go to Design Tab and Click Edit Html.
03) Now backup your template for safety.
04) Press Ctrl + F and find this code     ]]></b:skin>
When you found above code. Now paste below code before above code.
#navbar-iframe { display: none !important; }
05) Now save the template and see the navbar gone.

How to Restore the Navbar :

If you want to restore the navbar then just remove the code you paste. Save the template and see your navbar comes again.

If you  fell any problem leave a comment.
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The symols of Internet server message

When we visit websites sometimes it shows some unwanted message like 502 Bad Gateway, 404 Not Found403 Forbidden, 400 Bad Request, 4xx Client Error, continue, 408 Request Timeout, 415 Unsupported Media Type, 450 Blocked by Windows Parental Controls, 500 Internal Server Error etc. Some of us don’t know the meaning .Now I introduce you with these messages what these says.
502 Bad Gateway:This says that the content of the site or the website is in server problem and it is basically proxy problem.
413 Request Entity Too Large:It has sent more request than the capacity.
204 No Content: It found no content in the server.

203 Non-Authoritative Information (since HTTP/1.1) :
Server shows the message come from another server.
403 Forbidden: The server didn’t receive the reuest.

400 Bad Request:
The request you sent is invalid.

404 Not Found:
It is not found,but may be found in future.

410 Gone:Server has already gone  and it can not be found any more.

408 Request Timeout:
It has taken more time to request.

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Beginer's guide for web designing

Welcome to jstechbd's introduction to HTML and web design. This short tutorial is aimed to give newbies a little experience in writing HTML code, saving their files correctly, and viewing the completed works in a web browser. Regrettably this tutorial cannot teach you the basics of using a computer, so please be sure that you meet the following requirements:

  • Know what notepad is and how to use it
  • Are able to open up a file using Internet Explorer (or the browser of your choice)
  • Know how to copy and paste text from a webpage (important!).
If you are lacking the ability of the aforementioned items please contact a local geek and ask nicely for a quick lesson.

  Tutorial Overview

 In this tutorial you will be transcribing code into notepad and then viewing it with a web browser. The code is called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and notepad is a commonly used text editor on Window PCs. HTML may seem confusing at first, but we will help you understand how it works in this step-by-step tutorial of how to make your first web page.

  Your First Web Page

 To start off with copy the following HTML code into notepad. Be sure to copy the code exactly, otherwise your web page may not function correctly.

Html code




<h2>My first webpage!</h2>

The above code is all that is required to create a basic web page! Now save your file in notepad by selecting Menu and then Save. Click on the Save as Type drop down box and select the option All Files. When asked to name your file, type "index.html", without the quotes. Double check that you did everything correctly and then press save. Remember where it was saved to because you will need to open this file, soon!

Viewing Your Web Page - Web Browsers

To view your web page, you are going to have to use a web browser (of course). Web browsers are programs that interpret HTML, like what you have just copied into notepad, and transform that code into a visual representation, or a web page. Common web browsers include:


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Torrent and Torrents terminology

Let's begin this post with brief description about torrents and its activities:

How does a torrent work?

Well, a torrent works quite differently as compared to ordinary client-server download module.  A torrent downloads different pieces of the file you want simultaneously from multiple computers.
You download or get a torrent file (essentially a file containing meta data about all the files that are download able, including their names and sizes and check-sums of all pieces in the torrent. It also contains the address of a tracker .)
 Torrent client software(like u torrent,bit-comet etc) communicate with a tracker to find other computers running torrent that have the complete file (seed computers) and those with a portion of the file (peers).
the client software with the help of the tracker trades the pieces of the file needed with other computers in the swarm. Thus enabling us to download multiple files simultaneously.

Why do we use Torrent?

 Unlike other download methods, Torrent maximizes transfer speed by  downloading the pieces of the files you want simultaneously from people who already have them. This process makes very large files, such as videos and television programs, games download much faster than is possible with other methods.
Which Torrent client to use?
Well, there are a lot of torrent clients available for download and here’s a list of few that I have shortlisted you may choose from the list.
ĀµTorrent : This is perhaps the best choice for Windows, Mac or Linux users as it’s just around 235 KB in size, light on resources and is completely free. Though I love Vuze !
Transmission: This the best torrent client i have come across for Mac users .
SymTorrent: It’s the first and currently only Bit Torrent client for Symbian OS. It supports downloading multiple torrents at the same time, is capable of both downloading and uploading and can save the status of your unfinished torrents.
For a comprehensive list of all available torrent clients you may visit this link:
 Alright! But What is a Seed, Leech, and all those terms in Torrent:
Well torrent has its own set of terminology.
Seed: A “Seeder” is a user who has successfully downloaded the file and is now sharing it with peers.

Peers: Every person or user who’s downloading. A peer does not have the complete file. Once a peer has completed the download, they can become a seed.
Leech: Quite same as peer except that they don’t share the files once they have completed the downloads.
UD ratio: It’s the Upload to Download Ratio. Since the original principle behind torrents is to share, you try to keep your UD Ratio close to 1.That is you upload what you download.
Tracker: A server that coordinates all of the torrent downloads and users.
Swarm: Anyone and everyone connected to the tracker.
 Are Torrents legal to download?
 Well that’s something that you will need to understand. Torrent technology is perfectly legal. So why does torrent clients like piratebay and limewire face legal notices from time to time, Well actually its the content that is being downloaded legal or illegal if you tend to download the latest movie released last week then it is perfectly illegal as it promotes piracy. So as long as you know that the content being shared doesn’t breach any laws it’s perfectly safe to use torrents.
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