How to remove default Navigationbar from Blogger

       Remove your default navigationbar from blogger

In the default template you will see above a navbar. Many people don't like it. You see none good template do not use this navbar. I do not know why it?. Its very easy to Remove this Navbar from your Blogger Blog. In this tutorial i show you how you remove the navbar from your blog? Just follow below step.

01) First login your blogger blog and go to dashboard.
02) Then go to Design Tab and Click Edit Html.
03) Now backup your template for safety.
04) Press Ctrl + F and find this code     ]]></b:skin>
When you found above code. Now paste below code before above code.
#navbar-iframe { display: none !important; }
05) Now save the template and see the navbar gone.

How to Restore the Navbar :

If you want to restore the navbar then just remove the code you paste. Save the template and see your navbar comes again.

If you  fell any problem leave a comment.

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