The symols of Internet server message

When we visit websites sometimes it shows some unwanted message like 502 Bad Gateway, 404 Not Found403 Forbidden, 400 Bad Request, 4xx Client Error, continue, 408 Request Timeout, 415 Unsupported Media Type, 450 Blocked by Windows Parental Controls, 500 Internal Server Error etc. Some of us don’t know the meaning .Now I introduce you with these messages what these says.
502 Bad Gateway:This says that the content of the site or the website is in server problem and it is basically proxy problem.
413 Request Entity Too Large:It has sent more request than the capacity.
204 No Content: It found no content in the server.

203 Non-Authoritative Information (since HTTP/1.1) :
Server shows the message come from another server.
403 Forbidden: The server didn’t receive the reuest.

400 Bad Request:
The request you sent is invalid.

404 Not Found:
It is not found,but may be found in future.

410 Gone:Server has already gone  and it can not be found any more.

408 Request Timeout:
It has taken more time to request.

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